Copy Trading

  • What is Copy TradingCopy trading, also called mirror or auto-trading, is a methodology that allows you to copy another investor entail, taking part in the financial markets. All trades are executed by top-tier and expert forex traders from all over the world, and those will be replicated for you simultaneously, making your trade as well.
  • How It WorksSkilled traders choose a prominent trading figure that is studied carefully. This allows you to implement the same trades in real time using that allocation in the same proportion as the trader. This will help investors to minimize long-term risk and take benefit from the experience and knowledge of better traders. Everything is transparent, so you are not copying a trader based on sales pitch. You can choose the trader based on their performance characteristics, risk scores and taking into account indicators such as leverage, volatility of the chosen instruments and portfolio diversification.
  • BenefitsIt allows first time traders to be more familiar with the financial markets being more confident to trade.
    Time saving for experienced traders.
    Manage the risk more effectively.
    More chances of turning profits.